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Purpose & features

Xermes main idea diagram
What does Xermes stand for?
  • Xermes stands for Java implementation of W3C XForms standard
What good is it?
  • Xermes provides means for developing the object way - there is nothing else than application logic. In Xermes-empowered application, there is both persistence and user interface assured on the background.
  • Xermes makes it possible to swith from simple desktop application to fat server / thin client architecture (and back) with minimal effort
  • Xermes manages single GUI definition for multiple front-end types (Swing, HTML, WML, ..)
  • Xermes ensures unified apperance and behavior of data collecting forms within project
  • Xermes accomodates GUI to business model "on the fly", i.e. automatically
  • Xermes thoroughly separates model from the view. It steers for better manageability.
If you are at least a bit interested, let's read through this site. You will find a lot of vivid diagrams here, so you will be able to make your own opinion in short time, I think. There is a simple green-arrowed navigation panel on the right for your convenience.