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Deployment examples [with deployment diagram]

In this section, you will learn a bit about Xermes scalability. You will not find a lot of words here, diagrams are (I hope) self-describing. Only this: Let know, there is no significant change on Business level (= application logic) along scaling from one scenario to others.

Single application scenario

Single application scenario deployment diagram

Fat client / thin server scenario

Fat client / thin server scenario deployment diagram

Thin client / fat server scenario

Thin client / fat server scenario deployment diagram

Three tier scenario

Three tier scenario deployment diagram


OJB stands for ObjectRelational Bridge, nowadays it's really "only" superior object/relational mapping tool, but persistence brokers, able to provide another datastores are being developed right now. OJB will become universal persistence layer, compared to other projects best designed, fully featured, standards driven... so it's prefered persistence layer in object-driven, Xermes-empowered applications. But there are no connections between Xermes component and persistence component, so you are free in choosing solutions for persistence problems of your apps - Xermes does not force you anything, where not necessary.