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Xermes is in early phase of development. There is unfortunately no code yet, only a couple of UML diagrams. We will start hacking the code out as well as the sufficient design is made - it's the only way if we want to produce well designed, robust and extensible framework. You can check the existing diagrams via CVS. For your convenience, there are exported GIF versions of most important ones, spread along pages.

If you want participate, it's ideal time to start right now, becouse a many crucial questions were not answered and decided yet, so it is possible to fold your ideas in! How to start?

  • See through the existing Xermes UML diagrams, read info from this site
  • Become SourceForge member and enter mailinglists.
  • To become Xermes developer, you will need this kind of experience:
    • Neccessary knowdledge: Java, JUnit
    • Strongly recommended knowdledge: XForms
    • Recommended knowdledge: CVS
  • To supply ideas, watch progress, influence design etc. or to become Xermes user in the future, there are no actual requirements.

Please check CVS repository at SourceForge!


David Zejda - project founder